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Thanks to the inspirations of her childhood, she knows how much jewelry, like talismans, makes women beautiful, serene, self-confident, courageous, daring. They give them the certainty of radiating an inner light. This is the meaning she wants to give to her creations.

And it is through a union of materials loaded with symbolism that this meaning is sublimated in the jewels of Atelier Sengaa : Ebony, symbol of power, protection and luck ; gold, emblem of perfection, spirituality and the divine. Finally the diamond, the ultimate expression of maturity, femininity and eternity : natural and precious materials that make these jewels unique.




The jewels of Ateliers Sengaa have this voluptuous sensuality of the material soft to the touch that is given to them by Ebony. Agnès works this wood, which is exceptionally hard and smooth, in the form of flat, curved or round pieces. Their graphics are both sober and very studied. Caressing them becomes a subtle pleasure.
Beyond its sensuality, Ebony brings to each creation a density of material that makes it indestructible. Its beautiful nocturnal color of deep black sometimes crossed by brown veins, makes it almost magnetic.

In the creations of Ateliers Sengaa, the gold frames underline the depth of the Ebony wood and reveal it with the light of the gold and the brilliance of the diamonds which are scattered on its surface.

Working with Ebony in jewelry is a real challenge as the wood is so resistant. Beyond the joy of taming the material, this cabinetmaker of emotions derives the gratifying feeling of knowing that each piece, entirely handmade, is unique.

Gold, diamonds and Ebony are riches of nature, Agnès sees there a strong symbol of rarity and generosity, like a gift that the earth would offer us and that we must cherish.



25-02-22 20691.jpg


There is in these creations a singular force, as if one perceived a perpetual movement. The asymmetry of the jewel or the off-center position of a motif or a diamond provokes this twist which animates the whole, with an imperceptible sensation of momentum. It unexpectedly underlines the harmony of lines and shapes. The proportions are right, the whole is orchestrated in a beautiful dynamic, like a well thought-out architecture, a harmony of surfaces and blocks. “By designing jewelry, I create architecture on a millimeter scale,” admits the designer.

A small, refined and elegant detail signs each of the pieces : a sign is engraved inside these talisman jewels, escaped from the logo of Atelier Sengaa. This logo symbolizes a handful of petals that fly in the wind, carrying their fragrant message. With the discreet signature of a small petal, Agnès Ankri recalls this feeling of movement and freedom that characterizes her and authenticates her creation. Spirituality, always. It was in Israel, a melting pot of legends and immemorial stories, land of the Bible that, quite naturally, Agnès found her haven with her family. She now lives in Tel Aviv.

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