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Agnès Ankri, the founder of Atelier Sengaa, spent her childhood offered to inspiring adults. Her early years were steeped in the source of the diverse cultures that made up her family, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian and Tunisian.


"I lived in the midst of a whirlwind of queens and heroines," said Agnès of her childhood.  She then discovered the tricks of the biblical queens, and it was a real revelation about the place of women in the world : a proud and daring woman whose power and intelligence are experienced in adornment and spectacular jewelry.


To her mother and her grandmothers, hardworking, independent, with a taste for beautiful things, Agnès owes her attraction to art, her fierce desire to undertake and to trace a meaningful life.


This sense of the material will guide Agnès in all her choices. With an eclectic career that takes her from sculpture to architecture, her experiences evolve around materials and shapes that play with light.

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