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BIRTH TRIPLE is the variation of the "once upon a time" of the Sengaa's jewelry history, says Agnès.

Three little diamonds off-center rest on a perfect ebony oval.

Three diamonds in a gradient size, like life that is pursuing its cycle.


The chiaroscuro, the perfection of the oval shape, the motion created by the gradient and the offset, the contrast between ligth and darkness, all this compose the Sengaa's signature that transforms the jewels into an original and unexpected treasure.


As a continuation of the story of this pendant, being the first piece of jewelry that the designer made for herself, the three diamonds are a tribute to the life that gave Agnès three beautiful boys.



  • It is made from Ebony wood handcrafted, 14K yellow gold, natural white diamond VS, three natural white diamond VS total approx. 0.13 ct.

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